Kelis Kaleopaa in California!

June 25, 2014

Kelis, one of our youngest 81 ambassadors, came out from Hawaii last week to compete in the Doheny Menehune Surf Contest. Cold water, rocks, and small waves did not stop this little one. With her mom's help she put on a full suit for the first time and confidently struck a few poses as we snapped some photos of her. Friday, before the contest, we headed to San Onofre for the day with Kelis and her family. As Joey and I sat in the surf, watching this young girl rip, we were amazed with her elegance, spunk and courteous spirit in the water. She has a quiet, sweet nature, but watching her surf is something else. Kelis is a force to be reckoned with.

The next morning we showed up at the beach, bright and early to watch her compete. She killed it. With a few minutes left in the heat, and the tide dropping, Kelis hopped off her board and sliced her foot open on the rocks. She limped out of the water as they announced that she took first place. Determined to surf her short board heat and the finals, she propped her foot up,took some tylenol and enjoyed a breakfast burrito. After a few hours with her foot taped up, and still bleeding,her mom made the wise decision that stitches were necessary and the contest had to wait. Kelis headed the hospital and a couple hours later came back with 15 stitches. This girl was an absolute trooper! Unfortunately, the unfriendly, rock bottom beach got the best of her, but the time spent with Kelis and her family was something Joey and I were so grateful to have. 


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