81's Story

July 15, 2014

Often times the first question people ask when encountering 81 is, "What does 81 mean?".  So, here is the story behind it all.

The journey of wetsuits began a little over two years ago, propelled by the realization that if we weren't living our dream, then we sure as hell weren't truly living.  So, the wetsuit journey with no name began. As I embarked on a trip to Indonesia for a few months, in hopes to find someone to bring our designs to life, I was bombarded with comforting reminders of a dear friend. Our friend and brother was killed by a drunk driver 6 months prior to leaving and the loss of this young life rocked our community to it's core. Connor's legacy was simple; live life and do it without fear. Joey and I were determined to do our best to live up to the legacy his sweet soul left behind.

On numerous occasions during my trip to Indonesia I encountered the number 81. From scooter registration numbers, sample receipts, the back of a man's t-shirt to the gate entering into the manufacturer, 81 seemed to be ever present. 81 was Connor's motocross race number. I returned home, wetsuit samples in hand and still no name, while 81 seemed to linger in the back of my mind. As Joey and I sat in my room I shared with him my encounters with 81. He stared at me as if I were crazy and said ," Dad and I talked about calling the company 81 while you were gone." It was then that we realized the choice was simple. We were to pursue 81 with all of our being, putting everything into a dream, taking risks and doing it without fear. We are able to rest in the truth that if Connor were still here he too would be adventuring through life without fear.


Photo by Stephen Morissette