Corina Rose

August 26, 2015

Cori, one of 81's female ambassadors is a humble talent and gracious soul. She recently had her first ever photo exhibition in San Clemente, CA. The film photo show, "Developed"  featured a handful of talented artists including herself. Cori's photography is absolutely beautiful and her passion for the art and process of film makes her work that much more captivating. She can easily be found with a camera, fins, wetsuit, board or all the above in her hands and her photos are evident of her love for all things in nature. What we appreciate most about the people that make up our 81 family is that they are each involved and pursuing what moves and inspires them. It is exciting to watch each of them turn the chapters of their lives, boldly doing what they love and finding avenues for creativity and passion. So, if you have a free moment, need inspiration or a moment of gratitude for this beautiful earth we get to call home, head over to Cori's blog , take a look and enjoy.
Photos by Corina Rose