Meet Brigid

July 08, 2016

Over the past two years you have probably seen this talented lady's images on our instagram. She is often found floating in the line up shooting film and capturing some of our favorite 81 moments.

Ladies and gentlemen meet 81's contributing photographer Brigid Lally, also known on instagram as @saltairian. We recently did a little informal interview with the lovely lady and can't tell you how much we appreciate her and her natural ability behind the lens.

Get to know her a little bit more and see why she does what she does.

How old are you? What do you eat for dinner last night? Where are you sitting right now? What is to the left of you? And to the right?
I'm 25 but my friends joke that I am the biggest grom they know. Last night I had tacos. Currently in my living room on my couch. I have "Barbarian days: a surfing life" by William Finnegan to my left and a cup of coffee to my right. 
Do you prefer wine or whiskey? Tea or coffee? Beer or beer?
Whiskey over wine. Coffee. BEER !
Why do you shoot photos?
I shoot photos because I love it.  I was a total wallflower in high school and photography was my means of interacting with what was going on around me. Now it seems like the most natural extension of myself.
Plane or train?
Plane over train
 Fight or flight?
Fight (in the less literal sense haha I've never duked it out with someone)
What does a dream day look like for you?
 Perfect hot glassy (uncrowded) chest high beach day with friends at rincon going back and forth from the water - with enough waves to be able to both shoot & surf
Cats or dogs?
Shooting photos hanging from the top of a skyscraper or out the side of a helicopter? WHY?
I would say I would rather shoot out of a helicopter over shooting from the top of a skyscraper for two reasons. One: I would most likely be strapped in (which would help ease my fear of heights) and two: I would be over the ocean instead of a cityscape.
What is the most challenging part of photography and the best part?
 The most challenging part of photography is sometimes losing inspiration but for me the best part is just getting back in the water with my camera and the initial thrill of why I shoot comes rushing back again.  Getting back film is also the best ...
So, over the past year or so you have contributed amazing content to 81. What inspires the images you capture and how do you stay so consistent?
I am constantly inspired by the ocean. I cannot imagine my life without it.  Surfing is almost equally captivating.  Most of my waking hours I'm thinking about when I'll get back in the water.  But really it's the riders that make capturing what I love so fun.  It's amazing being able to collaborate with the people I photograph.  
 What is your goal when taking photos?
My goal while taking photos is to share what I see. To capture what makes me stop and pick up my camera
If you could give our 81 kids some advice on how to make their dream a reality what would you tell them?
Really if you want something out of life ...go out there and do it. You're never going to be this young again and hopefully if you believe in yourself and what you want to go after enough you can make it happen.

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