81 Ambassadors

81 is a heart movement. It’s a vision beyond our comprehension; we are simply just the instruments being used in this creative pursuit. 81 is made up of genuine individuals who are incredibly talented in and out of the water. Our ambassadors continue to inspire us and with heart, each are pursuing their own tribute. We are proud to have them a part of the family. Get to know them!
Ryan Rankin "I cant surf everywhere in the world, but I am sure I can find some way to make some noise."
Ryan Rankin, 23, Costa Mesa California
A true waterman. From surfing, bodysurfing, spearfishing and diving, the ocean has always played a major part of Ryan's life. Immersed in a hectic, fast paced world, Ryan finds his mind constantly being stimulated. When he is surfing or cruising underwater, he is able to truly be in that moment and slow his mind down. He is one of the most genuine individuals and generously works alongside 81. It's not hard to say that Ryan is incredibly talented in and out of the water.
Tribute: Aside from his love of aquatic life, Ryan's tribute is creating music. He pulls influence from jazz, funk, hip-hop, and disco. With the limited gear he has, he is innovative and constantly creates something fresh for the world's ears to hear. Music is his outlet, his tribute, and it is something he wishes to take with him forever. He cant always surf everywhere in the world, but he is confident he can always find a way to make noise. 

Corina Barnick - "Little did I know that surfing, and my affinity for all things related, would become the cornerstone on which the rest of my life would be formed."
 Cori is a 25 year old California native who hails from the Central Coast region of the state. Friendlier conditions and warmer water temps  eventually led her to the southland where she's resided for the past five years.
In her free time, she loves to travel the California coastline, surfing its wide variety of breaks and visiting friends along the way. She is the epitome of graceful. Her surfing is beautiful to watch and her gentle, authentic nature is contagious. 
Tribute: When she isn't at work or staycationing around her home state, you can find her somewhere in Orange County, reading, practicing yoga or spending time in the kitchen with her latest plant based obsession. 
Kelis Kaleopaa " I am very passionate about having fun!"
Kelis is a 9 year old little ripper from Waikiki Beach, Oahu. If she isn't surfing or playing in the ocean she can be found skateboarding, hanging with her friends and dancing. She is verstile in both long boarding and short boarding and for a 9 year old, she has style, grace and spunk. 81's youngest ambassador Kelis brings life, heart and fun to our family. She has been competing for a year and has been incredibly successful. We look forward to watching this girl make a statement in surfing. Go get em Kelis!
Tribute:  Kelis is seriously passionate about having fun and if you get a chance to meet her you will experience that with in seconds.
Eveline Van Brande " ...never stop exploring everything the natural environment has to offer."
Born and raised in Belguim, Eveline along with her family moved to California when she was only 12 years old, discovering surfing shortly thereafter. She lives conveniently right between Malibu and Ventura where you can usually find her surfing Leo Carrillo, or at the renowned right hand point breaks of Malibu and Rincon. She started competing in contests up and down the California coast when she was 16, and has even traveled twice to Australia to compete in the Noosa Festival of Surfing. She works as a hiking guide for a resort located in the Mountains of Malibu, and spends her summers working as an ocean lifeguard. Surfing has been the biggest inspiration into her active lifestyle in and around the water, and her daily plans usually revolve around the ocean conditions. When the surf isn't ideal, she usually turns to the mountains for backpacking and rock climbing adventures, or just  for a hike or trail run. Eveline is a gem of a human, with a pure heart for all that surrounds her. Her ability in the water is undeniable and the future for her is very exciting. 
Tribute: As a surfer and someone that loves everything outdoors, her tribute is to protect and treat those places she loves so much, whether it be the ocean or the mountains, with reverence, and to never stop exploring everything the natural environment has to offer. Nautilus Adventures, an adventure guiding company founded by her two friends and herself, was born out of their love for the outdoors, and aims at sharing these passions and places they hold so dear to their hearts with the rest of the world.
Mark Contreras "Krunchy"

Mark Contreras, 22,Newport Beach,California. Mark, who typically goes by Krunchy, has always loved anything that involves the water. He grew up in Newport, attending the last school on the beach, Newport Elementary. It was there he watched the point daily and developed a love for the positive aspect of moving water and the energy it provides. Krunchy is a humble talent to say the least, riding an assortment of boards. His ability in the water is one of a kind, quiet by nature Mark's gifts are inspiring.

Tribute: Outside of the water Krunchy loves working with a 35mm film camera and exploring different exposures. He manages an international DJ, and enjoys "jazzy instrumental, hip-hop, influenced sampled beats."