Warranty and Care

We sincerely thank you for choosing 81. 81 Wetsuits are produced and shipped under proper quality control. Please notify 81 directly of any issues you may notice immediately upon receipt.

You have chosen a quality suit. 81 Wetsuits are made from the best materials, finding a perfect balance between style and function.

 We hope that you are able to have the ultimate wetsuit experience in 81. We are a small, grassroots team offering genuine customer service and confidence in our product. With that said, no wetsuit last forever so our goal is to help you care for your suit so it lasts as long as possible.


81 Wetsuits Care

Dear friends, we appreciate you breaking into your piggy banks to purchase an 81 wetsuit, when you could have bought 150 bean and cheese burritos or 146 chocolate dipped cones. There is a time and a season for everything. Anyway, we would like to see you get as much bang for your buck, therefore, there are a few easy steps to follow so that you don't regret not sinking your teeth into 150 bean and cheeses.

 1. Don't you dare leave your wetty in the sun. Unless you want your suit to look like Grandpa Larry's wrinkly, dry skin don't hang your suit in direct sunlight folks.

2.Unlike your lucky pair of underwear, no need to put that sucker in the washer or dryer.

3.Although you feel invincible in an 81 wetsuit, it's a wetsuit, not a suit of armor, so stay away from pointy objects.

4.We know you have your pre-surf stretches and want everyone on the beach to see, but Lord knows you'll rip a hammy before a seam, regardless, don't stress the seams.

5. Friends, take care of your wetsuit and it will take care of you.  

81 Wetsuits Warranty

-Workmanship (wetsuit seams, zippers breakage) we repair or replace depending on issue within 90 days no cost

-60 days we will repair your wetsuit free of charge although shipping must be covered by you.

-90-180 days we will repair suit for a nominal fee depending on issue. Fee covers shipment and cost of repair.

-Suits that have been misused, not fully taken care of as instructed or simply overused will not be our responsibility. Take pride in 81 and it will take good care of you.